3D earthquake and ambient noise wave propagation simulation for the E-TEST area

Key challenges in a nutshell

  • CPU power to compute ground movements and their interaction within the ET
  • Accounting for uncertainties

Short description of the technology

3D geomodelling of fault zones in the E-Test area with uncertainty representation and full 3D large-scale numerical model of the target region, down to a depth of 2 km for ambient noise and seismic wave propagation simulation.

State of the Art: technology in existing gravitational wave detectors / TRL

Full 3D dynamic numerical models exist for smaller regions, sites (up to 5*5*1km); here, the model shall include the whole final E.T. structure, being far from boundary effects, thus with a size of 20*20*2 km. Wave propagation is simulated from a  point or fault rupture aerial source within the model.

Intended use in the frame of the Einstein Telescope

Understand wave propagation, and related regional attenuation/local amplification near the surface and at depth, from natural and anthropic sources.

Improvements needed: Technological challenge for the Einstein Telescope

  • Such a large scale simulations requires enormous computational power – once a 3D base model has been completed, considering that fault zone location and geometry at depth is uncertain in many places, especially at depth.
  • Related uncertainties need to be taken into account through multiple scenario simulations.
  • Related computations are very time-consuming but may help design damping systems for the ET infrastructure.

Economic perspectives of participation beyond the ET applications

We are open to any other companies’ proposals.

Related projects and labs

Ongoing and future procurements

Not covered by E-TEST (only empirical-statistical seismic hazard computations planned, now ongoing) but parallel project proposals have been submitted (to Belgian WBI, German Humboldt postdoc funding schemes).

You can find all procurements and calls for tender in the context of the Interreg EMR projects “E-TEST” and “ET2SMES” on the central “Procurements” landingpage of the E-TEST project.

Business Development contacts

Peter Gier
AGIT DE – p.gier@agit.de

Matthias Grosch
NMWP.NRW DE – matthias.grosch@nmwp.de

Michel Stassart
Skywin BE – michel.stassart@skywin.be

Annick Pierrard
ULiège RISE BE – a.pierrard@uliege.be

Maxime Corvilain
POM Limburg BE – maxime.corvilain@pomlimburg.be

René Kessen
LIOF NL – rene.kessen@liof.nl

Technology contact

Hans-Balder Havenith
ULiège BE – hb.havenith@uliege.be