Financing and cooperation


The project Einstein Telescope (ET), including its two “preparatory” projects,E-TEST and ETpathfinder, involves the development of new products in specific technology domains, in which cooperation between science and industry is an essential prerequisite.

The possibility, success and character of this cooperation is, amongst other factors, determined by the economic potential of this development for the industry. The economic potential is higher, in case the developed products and technologies can be used not only for the ET, but also for other applications commercialized by industry.

Suitable businesses identified within our mapping will be visited and interviewed by ET2SMEs Business Developers in order to learn more about their specific knowledge, practical abilities and concrete interests in further market-oriented R&D. Based on these in-depth contacts, concrete opportunities for R&D-consortia building and -cooperation, business cases, innovation projects and voucher applications will be found out.

The process of establishing and implementation of SME-driven R&D is a challenge because of the required upfront investments in combination with the uncertain technological, commercial and economic feasibility.

The goal of this Financing & Cooperation activity is to stimulate SME’s to innovate by offering business and project development support and lowering the financial risks by offering financial support, as well as the possibility of co-creation, thus shared effort and shared risk, with public and private organizations in the geographical target area.

The financial support implies a voucher that offers a financial contribution from €25.000 of up to € 50.000 to the total project cost of cross border R&D consortia innovating in ET related technologies. The voucher will be financed at 50% by ET2SMES, and 50% by the SME itself.