Joint ET Industrial Advisory Board

Joint ET Industrial Advisory Board

Want to collaborate & participate to our ET Industrial Advisory Board (ET IAB)?

The Einstein telescope , E-TEST & ETpathfinder are pushing the technology beyond the current state of the art in many areas, both for the prototype of interferometer and for geological investigation of the subsurface. As part of E-TEST & ETpathfinder, we have established an ET Industrial Advisory Board (ET IAB) to facilitate close collaboration with various industrial partners, both SMEs and large companies. This ET Industrial Advisory Board will meet twice a year for the duration of the project, until the end of 2023. The first joint ET Industrial Advisory Board (ET IAB) was organized on December 10 2020 and counted 125 participants from Business and Research.

From March 1st 2021 and the launch of ET2SMEs, this ET Industrial Advisory Board ( ET IAB) will be organised jointly between the 3 projects: E-TEST, ETpathfinder & ET2SMEs

The main objective of this activity is to set-up a cross-border cooperation structure, that will have an ongoing effect beyond the duration of ET2SMEs (after December 31 2023) related to cross-border development of Einstein Telescope Technologies and the multiple deriving applications (Aerospace, Astronomy, Automotive, …)

The ET IAB established jointly by the 2 projects ETpathfinder and E-TEST around the Einstein Telescope will now be reinforced into a wider permanent ET IAB with additional stakeholders representing the economical animation in the 3 countries, composed by:

  • SMEs, start-ups and big companies
  • All E-TEST & ETpathfinder involved research partners
  • ET2SMEs partners as well as their associated and supporting partners (LOI and associated partners): Business development agencies, SME clusters, innovation agencies, sectorial agencies, …
  • Local/regional/national public Authorities involved in the implementation of the Einstein Telescope in Euregio Meuse-Rhine