Technologies to avoid stuck TBM

Key challenges in a nutshell

  • Technologies to prevent TBM to be stuck
  • Water inflow mitigation systems in TBM

Short description of the technology

Difficult zones such as sheared or faulted geological conditions may strongly affect TBM operations. Probing ahead of tunneling (see 1.1) can help making the right steering decision (see also 1.2). However, in the event that such difficulties are unforeseen, technologies in TBM are being developed to prevent e.g. a strong water inflow. In addition, shielding optimization and torque/speed optimization may prevent the TBM to be stuck[1].


State of the Art: technology in existing gravitational wave detectors / TRL

Intended use in the frame of the Einstein Telescope

Improvements needed: Technological challenge for the Einstein Telescope

Economic perspectives of participation beyond the ET applications

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