Thursday, 12 May 2022: ET2SMEs Technology workshop

Vacuum; Cryogenics

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Liège (BE)

Vacuum &

ULiège Interface Entreprises (B60)
Avenue Pré Aily 4
4031 Angleur (Liège)

Thursday, 12 May 2022


01:00 p.m.Opening doors & Registration
01:30 p.m.Welcome – Plenary session @ ULiège Interface Entreprises, Archimède Room
ET2SMEs – Opportunities for businesses! by Annick Pierrard (E-TEST coordinator, ULiège Interface Entreprises, BE)
Keynote Cryogenics by Prof. Dr. Stefan Hild (UMaastricht, NL): ETpathfinder
Dr. Alessandro Bertolini (Nikhef, NL) & Ir Cédric Lenaerts (ULiège CSL, BE): E-TEST
Keynote Vacuum by Prof. Dr. Jo van den Brand (Nikhef, NL)
Q/A by Michel Stassart (Deputy Director Skywin, BE)
02:45 p.m.Coffee Break
03:00 p.m.Business session
Interactive discussion between Science & Business
Companies have the floor!
We invite companies to pitch about their expertise/technologies and their proposals of collaboration with Science, application to Call for tenders (E-TEST & ETpathfinder) and cross-border collaborative innovation projects between SMEs/companies (ET2SMEs vouchers)

01. Beblue cryotech – Angleur, Wallonia BE
02. Amos – Angleur, Wallonia BE
03. Safran Aero Boosters – Herstal, Wallonia BE
04. Karl Hugo – Amel, Wallonia (Ostbelgien) BE
05. MPP – Herstal, Wallonia BE
06. CRYOVAC – Troisdorf, DE
07. Sitech Services – NL
08. Antonius – NL
09. GDTech – Wallonia, BE
10. Mat-Tech – NL
11. Deltatec – Wallonia BE
12. FEF – Aachen, DE
Q/A by Michel Stassart (Deputy Director Skywin, BE)
05:00 p.m.Networking & Aperitif-Drink @ULiège Interface Entreprises
Feel Safe.

Gates wide open – with proof. Welcome to the Interface Entreprises – ULiège with full vaccination protection, recovery or negative test result from an official testing centre. Your proof is complete in combination with your identity card or passport.

The right timing. We are attentively watching the pandemic situation and will inform you about necessary precautions for your participation asap. With our hygiene concept we will make the event a safe one for all of us.

It all depends on the right apps. For fast, smooth entry, it‘s up to you too. Enter your proof of full vaccination, recovery or negative test in the apps Corona-Warn or CovPass.

By far the best idea. Though we ask you to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other participants, you will still see the latest innovation up close and personal.

For everyone‘s protection. Please wear a medical mask or FFP2 mask (no visors or fabric masks). And although you might not be able to see it, we are smiling at you behind our masks.

Networking without physical contact. Even though you might be delighted at seeing other people again or closing a successful Science-to-Business or Business-to-Business collaboration – please forego shaking hands and physical contact.

“Bless you.”  For the sake of yourself and others, please sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm. Even better, do so while maintaining a great distance of least one metre or turning away from others.

Effective infection protection. Sanitiser dispensers located in our entrance and meeting rooms are ready for frequent use. And highly exposed surfaces are regularly cleaned and disinfected for you.

Let it taste good. With our catering partners in the different meeting rooms: with tailor-made concepts for compliance with all safety and hygiene regulations. Enjoy your meal!