Company and research institute mapping

Company and research institute mapping

This activity consists in identifying, positioning, mapping and evaluating the industrial (mainly SME but also starts-up and big companies) and academic actors, competent in the technologies required for the implementation of the “Einstein telescope” and in defining the value chains for each of these technologies.

This mapping will take the form of an online catalogue of SMEs/companies thanks to the Craft tool.
The mapping will be as exhaustive as possible from the first year of the project and will be maintained, completed and improved during the workshops and “company visits” foreseen in ET2SMEs, and throughout the duration of the project.

The main contribution and working basis of this mapping will be the exhaustive list of technologies identified by the 2 other Interreg projects responding to the challenge of the Einstein telescope (E-TEST & ETpathfinder ): called “ET Technologies Online Catalogue“. The SMEs/actors surveyed will have to identify in this list the technologies mastered within their company/R&D department. 

Initially, this mapping will bring together actors and companies in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. But ET2SMEs will also extend the search for actors in nearby regions if the ad hoc skills are not found in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. The support of the “extended Euregio Meuse-Rhine project partners” will be essential for the mapping.

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