Technological Requirements

This will be….

For the detection of gravitational waves, the Einstein Telescope will…

In this structure but also for many further large scale Infrastructure projects the following questions will arise:

  • How can we prepare for recycling of materials at the end of life of parts?
  • Which composite materials to choose and how to deal with them at the end of their lifetime?
  • How to deal with coated material and the coating itself?

Relation to the Einstein Telescope

Relation to the Einstein Telescope

The Einstein Telescope is going to be one of the largest research infrastructures in Europe.

Industrial relevance and further application fields


For further information and more details about this technology field, please check the following Einstein Telescope Design Reports.

E-TEST Conceptual Design Report:

Einstein Telescope Conceptual Design Report:

Contact to the Einstein Telescope ecosystem

Are you active in this field of technology? Do you have an innovative approach to meet the requirements for lasers? Than take note of our tenders, join our challenges or simply get in contact with us. Furthermore, you can take a look at the mapping displaying the ET-relevant cempetencies in the EMR-Region. If you would like to be part of this mapping, please contact the business development managers.

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Scientific contacts

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